The works that are not assigned are carried out directly by 'business partners in firms, appropriately selected, always reserving the direction of the yard.

This allows to provide customers with services and products that are new, complete, made ​​to perfection and always adapted to the need of the client.

From the beginning the company has set itself to the market with a view to continuous learning and therefore has gradually improved the quality of his work up to position itself at the high end of the field, both in terms of organization and product.

The core business is mostly derived from the intervention in major facilities such as municipal buildings, offices, prefectures, police stations, places of worship, industrial plants, etc.

It 'should be stressed as all the work done by AsielTech ended, leaving the customer satisfied, making the point of becoming loyal.

    • · Consulting and design
    • · Update on work safety laws
    • · Controls and design adaptation L.46/90
    • · WI-FI radio links for data and telecommunications
    • · Building base stations for mobile telephony
    • · Centralized telephone facilities
    • · Electrical Installations
    • · Inspection and maintenance electrical and electronic
    • · Voice amplification systems
    • · Video projection systems
    • · Simultaneous translation systems
    • · Videoconferencing facilities
    • · Traditional CCTV and fiber optic
    • · Alarm
    • · Smoke detection systems
    • · Fiber optic cabling networks
    • · Transmission of signals in optical fiber
    • · Accessories for Fiber Optic
    • · Manual and electronic equipment for fiber optic
    • · Fiber optic